Turnover Time

Today at the store I picked up some puff pastry dough to make some yummy Salsa Puffs (check out the recipe here).

Mr. Taylor tried one and said it made him want turnovers (he swears he doesn’t like avocado, but every time he tries something with avocado in it, he likes it! I think it’s secretly his fave, he just doesn’t want me to know!)

Now of course, I’ve already been to the store once today and I’m not going back. But the dough did come in a two pack…and I do have some chocolate chips…and maybe even some nutella…
Score!! Chocolate chips, nutella, Reese’s peanut butter chips, and peanut butter!
So I pre-heat my oven (to 400) an set the dough out to thaw. And of course the baby starts crying. So I go to feed him in the living room. I guess Mr. Taylor got hungry, cuz next thing I know he brings every thing in the living room and asks me to walk him through it. So here we go!

Use your fingers to spread the dough out into a thin sheet. Cut the dough into rectangles, size is up to you but make sure you have enough room for the chips to fit and to still fold it in half!

Spread your peanut butter or Nutella across each square, and top with chips. I used Nutella on half (with chocolate chips) and peanut butter on half (with peanut butter chips)

Fold on half and press the edges shut.

Whisk an egg and brush across the top of each puff. Sprinkle some sugar on top.

Bake at 400 for about 15 minutes, until the pastry has all puffed up!




2 thoughts on “Turnover Time

    • Thank you!
      Your recipe is sooo yummy! I found it on pinterest and made them to take for lunch tomorrow, but ended up eating them right out of the oven instead! Oops!

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